Product Care Guide

General Instructions

Please read all the garment care labels carefully.

For most products we recommend a warm hand wash; some garments specify dry clean only.

Do not leave garments to soak and do not wring, rub or spin dry your items; hang products to dry or allow to dry flat.

If needed, iron Garments inside out.


Bras & Bustiers

Do not put bras in the washing machine or the dryer.

Every underwire bra has a protective rubber tip; this protects the garment and your skin from being exposed to the sharp edge of the wire.

Machine washing underwire bras cause the rubber tip and the fabric to wear, which can eventually expose the wire.

Washing machines and dryers can also damage the cups of padded and pre-molded bras.



Do not put any ethical silk garments in the washing machine or dryer as this may damage the sustainable fabric.


Hand Wash - the recommended wash

If you have the time and have chosen to hand-wash your luxury lingerie, don’t start washing your delicates without having

first read our advice:

  • A few minutes in cold water and then take it out to avoid the fibers becoming damaged or softened.

  • When removing water, don’t twist your designer lingerie, press it gently so that it keeps its elasticity.

  • Use a delicate soap and wash gently without scrubbing.

  • Choose to air-dry your lingerie, always drying it flat.

  • If you wash molded cups, don’t fold them as this will damage their shape.

  • Avoid using bleaching products; instead of becoming whiter, your luxury lingerie may become yellow!