Our Story

Aurore is a contemporary lingerie brand based in London specialising in high-quality handmade lingerie. We focus on sustainability, environmental ethics, and innovative practices that deliver a luxury experience without sacrificing social responsibility. 

Inspired by women who are powerful, chic, and who celebrate their femininity and sensuality, who value their body, we explore the notions of desire and tasteful provocation, all while maintaining the focus on comfort in wear and transformational nature of our pieces. 

We draw inspiration from the 90s style, bringing in the unconventional colour palette of lace, tulle, and silk. Our consumers are environmentally conscious and driven to change the world to be a better place.

Women have complex relationships with their body as it goes through natural life cycles, so we strive to power their lives through lingerie that is comfortable, of quality and excellent in fit. We pay high importance to the fit of the patterns and work out the best fit with our pattern makers. We work with small independent manufacturer in Italy and keep the same handmade quality standards across all collections.

Aurore was created in London in 2018 by Alexandra Di Nella, an ex MBB consultant in the top tier firm. Alex brought her passion for creating sophisticated lingerie and sustainability together. Alex is focusing her attention on ethical production in every detail from sourcing materials personally to packaging.

Feel Good Lingerie - The Everyday Luxe

Our lingerie and loungewear is designed to be beautiful inside and out. Every piece is designed in London, and made as ethically as possible, by specialist, female-run ateliers. Our approach is unique, and our making process is slow and considered, ensuring transparency at every step. We value design, all-out glamour and the beauty of craftsmanship, but believe this only truly comes into being when people and planet are considered.


We are working hard on keeping our pieces as affordable as possible. We produce in capsule collections only with limited materials in hand. We almost do not invest into marketing and promotional activities as we do not wish for this expense to influence the price of our lingerie. 


We strive to be as sustainable as possible across all the supply chain. For instance, for sourcing, we only use already available materials and we often source from excess stock from the European and (occasionally) Japanese market. For size tags attached to our pieces, we use a small Italian producer. For our packaging we use recyclable or reusable materials - tags are from recycled paper, strings are from cotton, the outer packaging is reusable, and ,in the warehouse in Hamburg, our goods are stored in recycled bags. We do not overproduce and support the “less & better” approach to apparel production and purchasing.

We are committed to making every piece as ethically and environmentally as possible, and preserving specialist skills that have been passed down through generations. We avoid certain markets known for the abuse of child labor rights, female or workers rights. All our products we are strictly handmade, paying more attention to the quality of pieces and comfort of people that work with us. Designed by women for women, we are using sustainable materials at every opportunity and our selection is based on factors such as whether the fabric can last a lifetime.

We are ensuring transparency by working in partnership with small, specialist ateliers, in this way we ensure that labour standards throughout the making process are high.