Aurore (fr)

aube, aurore, naissance, point du jour

Aurora (eng), au·ro·ras or au·ro·rae (ə-rôr′ē)

1. A luminous atmospheric phenomenon appearing as streamers or bands of light sometimes visible in the night sky in northern or southern regions of the earth. It is thought to be caused by charged particles from the sun entering the earth's magnetic field and stimulating molecules in the atmosphere.

2. The dawn.


Aurore is a contemporary premium lingerie brand based in London specialising in high-quality handmade lingerie. We focus on sustainability, environmental ethics, and innovative practices that deliver a luxury experience without sacrificing social responsibility. We do not overproduce and support the "less is better" approach to apparel production with our capsule collections.

Women have a complex relationship with their body as it goes through natural life cycles, so we strive to power their lives through lingerie that is comfortable, of quality, and excellent in fit. We source as close to home as possible and work with small and family-owned manufacturers in the luxury segment in Italy and France.

We draw inspiration from the 90s style, bringing in the unconventional color palette of lace, tulle, embroidery and silk. Our consumers are environmentally conscious and driven to change the world to be a better place.


Aurore was created in London in 2018 by Alexandra Di Nella, an ex technology consultant in the top tier firm. Alex brought her passion for creating sophisticated lingerie, quality made apparel, and sustainability together. Alex is focusing her attention on ethical production in every detail from sourcing materials personally to packaging.

Aurore was created for the next generation of women - strong, sensual, and ready to transform the world. We design timeless pieces with comfort and durability in mind for those women who appreciate elegant minimalism, sustainability, and exquisite craftsmanship.

Since our dawn we have tested over 100 concepts and designs that helped us to arrive at:

  • Iconic Collection, our versatile core line
  • Nikita Collection, the transformative soft bondage pieces
  • Capsule Collections, featuring best of the season selected colors and styles

Global Presence

Aurore Lingerie is an young international brand with a global online presence in a multitude of countries from Europe to the Americas to the Middle East and Asia.

In 2020 we saw a sharp rise in sales in our online store and on multi-brand platforms.

We continue to work with luxury department channels, bridal stores, and independent designer boutiques. You can find us on Wolf & Badger, ELLE, ourCommonplace, Clothia, AboutYou, Staiy and in other offline and online boutiques.



The ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.

Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

- Oxford dictionary 

Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The concept of sustainability is composed of three pillars: economic, environmental, and social—also known informally as profits, planet, and people.

- Environmental Science


Sustainability is not just about fabrics you use, it is about the way you chose to run the business, how you chose to produce, treat people and ultimately what behaviour to support in the society - reinforcing overconsumption or educating the end consumer on impact of mass market and offering the alternative. 

Sustainability starts with inner us, with the way we operate in the core and the impact we make on the society. Lingerie may not be the segment where we have the most of the material waste, but it is the segment highly reliant on humans that create the pieces, and also the segment, where sadly, some outlets continue to support the overconsumption of cheaper and less quality goods, the goods, in short, that already have damaged the Earth and people involved in production process.

We chose to stand against those practices.

Normalising the normal pricing

Fast fashion created the economic catastrophe we find ourselves in and pricing expectations are a part of it. We use the average multiplier for all of our products.

Example how to calculate it: RRP 19 /2.5 = Wholesale price of 9.5 /2.5 = 3.8 is a production cost. Does that look sustainable to you?

No sales period policy

Purchasing on sale is a great deal, but it costs the brands too, forcing them to cut corners somewhere else. Be mindful of that. Our "outlet" section is for end of line items only.

Production: Bologna, IT, small team of 10 people that works together for past 15 years. Technical pattern making and production done by women. All are following the "less is better" to manufacturing. Quality is kept at high standard (team produced for Chanel and La Perla).

Design: London, UK/WW. Technical design done by a woman, Aurore's owner, designing pieces to be kept as an investment rather than seen as a trend, ensuring the reduced consumption need over time.

Production volume: on demand, capsule collections for SS and FW. High quality of produce ensures the longevity of items, fighting the mass market and trend based approach.

Distribution from: Milan, IT, small team of 9

Materials: French lace, Italian tulle, Italian accessorise, primarily use available materials or ask dentelles to produce on demand in particular model (the goal is to upcycle as much as possible). Left over materials are used or donated.

Packaging: reusable magnetic box, recycled plastic ziplock for individual items, cotton tag string, recycled carton product tag (the goal is to reduce waste and prolongue life of items we ship).

Recycling: We have joined forces with Bra Recyclers, a social enterprise focused on reuse and recycling of new and used bras and other lingerie. Pre-loved and new bras are donated to nonprofits around the world that support women and girls escaping domestic violence, human trafficking, or girls who cannot afford school because they don't have a bra. Ready to recycle? Please use our form to navigate you.

Small decisions = big impact 

When shopping, consider that:

  • Fast-fashion creates, annually, over $500 bn worth of waste.
  • Up to 95% of the textiles that are land filled each year could be recycled
  • Nearly 20% of global wastewater is produced by the fashion industry
  • 93% of brands surveyed by the Fashion Checker aren’t paying garment workers a living wage
  • Clothing production is the third biggest manufacturing industry after the automotive and technology industries. Textile production contributes more to climate change than international aviation and shipping combined.
  • Emerging markets take the biggest hit from the industry of fast fashion

Small choices on day to day basis will make a big impact on our future.